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Panic: how to solve it thanks to psychotherapy

Panic attacks occur suddenly and are characterized by anxiety and terror, they usually have a very short duration, but they trigger a strong malaise in those who suffer from them. Prof. Roberto Pani, Psychoanalyst in Bologna, explains what are the mechanisms that generate panic and how psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy can play a winning role in countering it

MRI for breast cancer: how important is it?

Magnetic Resonance is an important diagnostic technique that can also be used in the breast sector to investigate breast lesions. Let's explore this topic with Dr. Daniele La Forgia, specialist in Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Care in Bari, who has been performing this technique for over 20 years, that is, since his training at the Genoese School, one of the first in Italy to use this type of diagnostics

Extrasystole: one of the consequences of psycho-physical stress

Extrasystole is a fairly frequent pathology which, in most cases, does not give symptoms and is only discovered later, by making other types of investigations. But what exactly is an extrasystole and what to do in case of suffering from it? We deepen this topic thanks to the intervention of Dr. Pier Luigi Pellegrino, specialist in Cardiology

Transparent masks: innovative orthodontic technique

Transparent orthodontics is a method that allows, thanks to masks made of transparent resin, to align the teeth. This treatment is undoubtedly preferred by patients as it is less impactful and more discreet on an aesthetic level than traditional orthodontics. Dr. Tommaso Weinstein, Dentist in Milan, explains which tests must be performed before embarking on this therapy

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