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Extrasystole: one of the consequences of psycho-physical stress

Extrasystole is a fairly frequent pathology which, in most cases, does not give symptoms and is only discovered later, by making other types of investigations. But what exactly is an extrasystole and what to do in case of suffering from it? We deepen this topic thanks to the intervention of Dr. Pier Luigi Pellegrino, specialist in Cardiology

Transparent masks: innovative orthodontic technique

Transparent orthodontics is a method that allows, thanks to masks made of transparent resin, to align the teeth. This treatment is undoubtedly preferred by patients as it is less impactful and more discreet on an aesthetic level than traditional orthodontics. Dr. Tommaso Weinstein, Dentist in Milan, explains which tests must be performed before embarking on this therapy

Families in transformation and the personalization process in adolescence

In the last twenty years there has been a notable change in traditional family structures. Separations and divorces of married couples have increased. It often happens that in elementary school classes the number of children of separated children is equal to or greater than that of children from families with cohabiting parents (married or not).

Dupuytren's disease: how does it manifest itself?

Dupuytren's disease is a disease of the hand that causes a curvature of a finger or several fingers or a rigid formation near the palm of the hand. These signals should prompt the patient to contact the doctor to initiate the investigation of the case. Dr. Rico Bernardini, Hand Surgeon in Peschiera del Garda, explains in more detail the characteristics of this pathology and the difference from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Meningioma: what is it all about?

The meninges are protective sheaths that cover the brain and spinal cord. However, these membranes can also be affected by neoplasms, the so-called meningiomas. Meningiomas have been classified according to degrees of severity: grade I meningiomas which correspond to benign ones; grade II meningiomas, i.e. atypical ones; and grade III meningiomas which are anaplastic or malignant ones. Let's better understand the difference between meningioma and glioma and what are the characteristics of the former

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