The artocentesis, response to jaw joint ailments

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Currently, arthrocentesis is indicated for the treatment of jaw joint ailments and the best results are obtained. Some conditions that affect up to 30% of the general population and produce a decrease in the mouth opening up no more than 20 millimeters.

Arthrocentesis is an intervention that involves injecting a specific liquid, namely Ringer's Lactate, to distend the joint. At that time the articular disc is released and by means of movements and handling of the patient's jaw got back to its original position. Thus, the blocking disappears reducing articular Pain, while the function of the joint recovers, reaching back almost to normal.

A bad dental occlusion

General causes of joint dysfunction are often located in poor dental occlusion, meaning occlusion as the alignment of the teeth and the assembly of the upper parts with less, what is called bite. If appears disorganized, it can cause malfunction of the joint.

Only a very small percentage of people presents a perfect or stable dental occlusion, we must also take into account that in adulthood a loss of teeth occurs, and thus a system decompensation affecting joint. In turn, premature degeneration of the joint would cause osteoarthritis and jaw problems. With arthrocentesis such premature degeneration of the joint and the resulting problems that appear to avoiding longer term. And, of course, he improves quality of life of the affected patient.

Many people with this problem go to the doctor only when they feel significant pain but when they come to our office many are less than 20 mm mouth opening. By arthrocentesis has gotten a problem so patients return home the day after the intervention with an aperture of 45 millimeters, equivalent to three fingers.

The mandibular arthroscopy

A unique intervention of arthrocentesis gives good results, which can be complemented by a more visual method, such as the temporomandibular joint arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is achieved by distending the joint. This technique involves inserting a tube with a camera that allows you to work on the inside of the joint, retrieve precisely the problems of the articular disc, and suture it back to its original position.

Also performing will get a wash and a good remodeling of the joint.

After the procedure, continue therapy sessions Physiotherapy and perform the query, monitoring the splint download that should bring the patient before and after arthrocentesis.

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