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Reconstructive surgery: a new breast after mastectomy!

When we are faced with a breast tumor of considerable size or small but multicentre, the solution is a mastectomy. Mastectomy is the surgery that involves the total removal of the breast. As you may well think, such a deep resection can have huge social and psychological consequences on the patient. Fortunately, in recent years, mastectomy has always been accompanied by breast reconstruction surgery. Acclaimed breast specialist Dr. Claudio Siani explains in this interview how reconstructive surgery takes place

Breast cancer: prevention is everything!

Until the last century, breast cancer was a hidden pathology, a reason for female shame to be buried in order to avoid any treatment. Fortunately, in the last 100 years, together with scientific progress and feminist claims, we have witnessed an awareness and awareness of society regarding the pathology. Currently there is a medical branch that deals exclusively with breast cancer: breast cancer

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