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Mandibular fractures: how to intervene

The fracture of the jaw can cause pain and swelling, it can change the alignment of the teeth, preventing you from fully opening your mouth. Here's how to intervene: in most cases it is sufficient to perform an intermaxillary locking, which involves the immobilization of the upper jaw bone or of the mandible and of the lower one (maxilla) through metal ligatures. On the contrary, surgery consists in "realigning" the fractured segments and stabilizing them.

Lower eyelid rejuvenation: what is it?

Many people want to rejuvenate the lower eyelid, for this reason more and more patients decide to resort to aesthetic therapies to achieve the desired beauty standard or, simply, to feel more comfortable with themselves. Dr. Alberto Diaspro, Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery in Turin, explains in more detail how hyaluronic acid or adipose tissue are used for this purpose

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