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Transparent masks: innovative orthodontic technique

Transparent orthodontics is a method that allows, thanks to masks made of transparent resin, to align the teeth. This treatment is undoubtedly preferred by patients as it is less impactful and more discreet on an aesthetic level than traditional orthodontics. Dr. Tommaso Weinstein, Dentist in Milan, explains which tests must be performed before embarking on this therapy

The importance of an orthodontic visit in pediatric age

It is important that parents bring their children to perform an orthodontic visit, since if there is a problem of closing the teeth, it is necessary to intervene early, since in some cases a pathology treated at 5 years will be different from one treated at 12 years . Let's explore this topic with Dr. Andrea Marinelli, Dentist specializing in Orthodontics

Teeth whitening: brighten your smile!

Professional tooth whitening is a procedure that serves to improve the color of the teeth and eliminate, in association with other techniques, almost all discoloration of natural teeth such as those due to trauma, demineralization or excess fluoride (white spot), from of antibiotic therapy. , etc . Dr. Riccardo Centofanti explains a little more about teeth whitening in this article

The teeth: a possible cause of back pain or headache

The jaw muscles are directly connected with the face, neck and back. Therefore, a malocclusion of these can cause muscle tension which, consequently, manifest themselves with the typical headache or back pain, pain in the face, neck, shoulders and arms or buzzing, dizziness and dizziness. But how can a dentist cure a headache or back pain? Let's go deeper into this topic with this short article

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