What is immunotherapy ?

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Immunotherapy is the fourth therapy (after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) used against cancer. All over the world, and even in Italy, is becoming more and more this kind of therapy for other forms of disease. There speaks our expert in Allergology

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is the causal treatment of respiratory allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis or the ' asthma allergic. It is a treatment that has amply demonstrated efficacy in clinical trials because it has no recent origin (early 1900). The immunotherapy consists in the administration of increasing doses of a substance, allergen call, which causes allergic reactions to the patient, to identify the specific dose for which the body develops a certain tolerance; the treatment lasts from 3 to 5 years.


What exactly is the immunotherapy?

Nell ' immunotherapy , the immunopathogenic mechanism locks or change the patient's immune system allergic: this is done by reducing or blocking antibodies and cells responsible for inflammation and strengthening, however, the antibodies (cells) that block inflammation. Immunotherapy involves 2 methodologies: subcutaneously, the more practical and widespread, realized in monthly doses through injections on the deltoid muscles, or sublingual, which involves the administration of substances with a tablet under the tongue. In any case, in both methods, the maintenance doses are to be taken for several years (3-5 years).


What is the effectiveness of immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a highly effective treatment for 'respiratory allergy. It was found that about 80% of patients undergoing immunotherapy warn benefits during the first 6-8 months of treatment. Currently the effectiveness of immunotherapy is evaluated primarily through clinical parameters, ie the reduction in symptoms after ingestion of the allergen or that of medicines to alleviate the symptoms. Such therapy is valid for different scientific disciplines (ENT, allergology) for the treatment of allergies ( allergic rhinitis , allergic asthma).


What advantages has immunotherapy?

The main benefit of immunotherapy for allergic respiratory disease is its ability to curb its evolution.

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