Presbyopia surgery with intraocular lens

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¿, consisting in the Presbyopia Surgery


Currently there are two ways:

1- by excimer laser surgery of one of the two eyes (particularly not satisfy me or recommend)

2 Crystal Excision and replacement by an IOL ( Intra Ocular Lens ) or progressive multifocal type (the most recommended)

¿Anyone can operate ?¿, what if they have been previously operated eye

Each case is very particular, a person with more than 55 years but had been previously operated with laser surgery of any refractive error in principle if there is no contraindication in the previous preoperative, may be susceptible to this type of surgery the important.It realization of a prior and thorough preoperative suitable, personalized explanation to every patient by ophthalmologist who valued each particular case.

¿That care should be taken following the intervention


Those of a conventional lens surgery, l a quick recovery is accurate although a few days, the ophthalmologist will tell you the steps to follow. Normally it is rarely used painkillers due to small inconvenience caused by this type of surgery.

¿definitive treatment is


Removing the lens and replaced with an artificial evolution course of presbyopia is stopped and the results are kept for a long time.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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