Hemorrhoids, which are as a surgery is performed without pain

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¿What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a disease in which the veins are located in the wall of the anal canal, the lining the anal canal, undergo a process of expansion, ie, they can move on to become swollen and eventually thrombosed. When hemorrhoids are dilated comes a time when externalized with the act of defecation and after that externalization is irreversible and hemorrhoids are already outside the anal canal.

This brings a number of symptoms that can affect the quality of life of patients by burning, itching or sensation of constant humidity and a symptom to which we pay special attention to is the loss of blood in stool, rectoragia, because this symptom can hide a much bigger problem as in the colorectal cancer.

¿What types of hemorrhoids are


There are two types of hemorrhoids. The internal hemorrhoids which are located in the upper anal canal and external hemorrhoids that are coming soon to the edge cutaneous. Both can coexist in the same patient.

¿'s and achieved with hemorrhoid surgery


The surgery for hemorrhoids threefold. First, to remove these dilated varicose tissue packets having above. Secondly preserve what is the anatomy of the anal canal to prevent further problems or complications such as incontinence or tightness. And finally, encourage the incorporation of the patient to normal life as early as possible.

¿That postoperative recovery after surgery must


Try to demystify the idea that hemorrhoid surgery is always accompanied by a lot pain. Obviously this is a very sensitive area but it is also true that today we have some postoperative protocols that minimize the effects of surgery, especially Chapter pain.

In principle expect a period of hospitalization between 12 and 36 hours, and if the patient follows the instructions given by your surgeon, you can reinstate your normal life within a period not exceeding three weeks.

¿What techniques are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids


In the early stages of hemorrhoids should be used as conservative treatment may be the dietary fiber reinforcement, the bathrooms seat with warm water or analgesic ointments. When we got to the surgery there is a wide range of surgical options ranging from less invasive techniques such as light therapy, sclerotherapy or rubber band ligation, the surgical techniques themselves inside which there are many forms and are the opinion of the surgeon who need to practice.

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