Arthroscopy of the shoulder: how to cure?

Written by: Dott. Giovanni Di Giacomo
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The shoulder is a very complex joint and diseases which may be affected are numerous. Today, however, there are innovative surgical techniques to combat osteoarthritis: it explains the ' Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology in Rome , Dr.. Giovanni Di Giacomo.


What are the diseases the most frequent shoulder?

The most frequent diseases vary according to age. For example, in people over 40, the inflammatory processes and any tendon injuries are particularly common. The cause is in incorrect postures assumed, for example, during work, at night or during the practice of some sports. Prevention is clearly the most important aspect.If you manifest an inflammatory process, pain and joint limitations are the most frequent symptoms. In the case of an inflammatory process, the rehabilitation treatment is desirable.In case, however, they have the tendon injuries, tendon ruptures therefore, today the surgeon may use the arthroscopic technique, which is responsible for repairing the tendon lesions through two small incisions of three millimeters.


Because arthroscopy is an innovative technique?

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique. It provides for the introduction of a lens through a small incision of three millimeters, which allows you to view the color hip image on a monitor. This allows the surgeon to see the intimate this articulation, to recognize even the smaller lesions and to recover them through other two small incisions of three millimeters. Clearly they will get the benefits not only on the particularities and the precision of the surgical gesture, but also from an aesthetic point of view by recalling that the tissues around the lesion are not affected.


In such cases it is adopted the shoulder arthroscopy?

The most frequent applications to the shoulder joint arthroscopy are loading tendon repairs and the famous lesions of the rotator cuff, which is where the tendons are detached from the bone. The surgeon in this case, through small incisions, is able to reinsert the tendon tissue in the bone tissue itself.Another very frequent pathology is that of shoulder output, called glenohumeral dislocation of the shoulder: are those traumas, normally borne by the young people, who as a result of a sporting event, or falling from the bike or motorbike, the lussano shoulder causing the spill. In this case the actor is no longer the tendon but the ligament that is injured. A skilled surgeon, through two small holes three millimeters, can repair the ligaments and ensure excellent stability and a return to the sport, including young people who practice at particular risk activities, such as rugby and other contact sports.


What is the shoulder arthroscopy procedure?

Osteoarthritis, or the suffering of the cartilaginous tissue that lines the bone surfaces when they come into contact, allowing the movement, is frequent in cargo joints, and then in a particular way in the hip and the knee. No coincidence that the most common implants are right knee and hip.Even the shoulder, though, can have a degenerative process cartilage. In recent years, science and technology education have evolved that led to excellent results. When the cartilage of the humeral head is consumed, speaking of osteoarthritis, it is now possible to apply coatings of titanium, which allow, with interventions lasting about an hour, to recover a great movement and not have more pain. The patient selection, the quality of surgical and rehabilitation treatment gesture are essential elements to achieve a good clinical outcome.

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By Dott. Giovanni Di Giacomo
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Giovanni Di Giacomo is an expert in Orthopedics and Traumatology.
The areas in which it excels, among others, are: Shoulder Surgery (shoulder instability, traumatology of the humerus, scapula and clavicle, pathologies affecting the rotator cuff and athlete's shoulder), Prosthetic Surgery (shoulder and knee), Arthroscopic surgery of the knee (menisci and anterior cruciate ligament) and of the elbow. Currently, he is the Head of the Arthroscopic Shoulder, Knee and Elbow Surgery Department of the Concordia Hospital for Special Surgery in Rome. Since 1995 he has been Head of Athletes for the ATP (Professional Tennis Association) and for the WTA (Women's Tennis Association) during the Internazionali d'Italia held at the Tennis Stadium of the Foro Italico in Rome. Furthermore, he is Vice President of the STMS (Society for Tennis Medicine and Science), Orthopedic Consultant for various Italian football and soccer teams and 2nd VICE-CHAIR Executive Committee SIAGASCOT (Italian Society of Arthroscopy - Knee - Upper Limb - Sport - Cartilage - Orthopedic Technologies .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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