Breast augmentation with breast prostheses or lipotransference

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¿, consisting in the breast augmentation surgery


The breast augmentation surgery is to increase the patient 's breast by introducing in such a mammary organs, or even lately are being conducted with fat injection in the same patient ( lipotransference ) prosthesis.

In some cases, it may also be needed a breast reconstruction, either because there is deformation in the chest due to some congenital or by pregnancy or because, due to age, the breast has fallen or lost their shape alteration.

¿What techniques are used for this type of surgery


There vas techniques for breast augmentation, which is used more today is the introduction of a breast prosthesis beneath the chest muscles ( pectoral, abdominal and serratus ). This is the best way for the prosthesis is perfectly. Another technique is the lipotransference, fat is performed by inserting the organism -from any level of all breast tissues, that will perfectly body making them.

The techniques for breast augmentation are based on the techniques of breast reconstruction, so it is important that when you go to a doctor to be seen by a breast augmentation surgeon experienced in breast reconstruction, it is the only way that the intervention is correctly.

¿What are complications after a breast surgery


This type of intervention made ​​by a skilled surgeon, rarely has complications. We found we could produce a small bleeding us some muscle hernia or hematoma due to patient effort. But if the patient has been operated by an experienced surgeon and perfectly fulfills the postoperative normally not run into any complications.

¿What type of anesthesia is used in these interventions


In this type of surgeries can be used sedation and general anesthesia, depending on the degree of difficulty having intervention regarding the patient 's breasts. After the intervention the sensitivity is recovered, since the surgeon preserves the nerves that give you that feeling.

¿When we can resume normal activities after surgery


We can resume our normal activities, no sports and a job that does not require great physical effort, between 15 and 20 days after surgery. If we are engaged in a physical work, usually start from the month. For sporting activities there will be waited between two and three months before he could resume.

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