La mastoplastica additiva: quando e perché

Written by: Dott. Gaetano Vaudo
Edited by: Antonietta Rizzotti

Additive mastoplasty is the surgical procedure that allows women to have bigger breasts. Scientific innovations allow to obtain a natural final result. Dr. Gaetano Vaudo, an expert in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine in Rome, talks about it

What is an additive mastoplasty?
The breast augmentation is a surgical technique that allows women to increase the volume of their breasts through the introduction of breast implants.

What are the scientific innovations?
Breast implants may have different contents and are made of a silicone casing. Thanks to recent scientific innovations, the additive mastoplasty gives the possibility of obtaining a natural end result through the introduction of anatomical prostheses, of soft cohesive silicone gel, of different height and projection.
Currently they are the most used and are present on the market in various sizes and shapes.

Worldwide, in which area is there a greater demand?
At the international level, today, South America is the world record, followed by the USA. The reasons why many women resort to mastoplasty surgery are mainly aesthetic and arise from the desire to have a more feminine breast as a result of a pregnancy or breastfeeding or because you have a small or asymmetric breast. Recent studies show that breast augmentation is a very common intervention not only among women who have an effective need but above all among those who recognize it as a trend "status". In Italy it is forbidden to intervene surgically before the age of 18.

What are the 6 tips to give to the patient before undergoing breast augmentation?
Actual need
Request a size proportionate to your body
Do not hypothesize a pregnancy immediately after the operation
Choose a specialist and experienced plastic surgeon
Choose a suitable nursing home
Be wary of low-cost offers

What are the risks and what are the advantages?

The risks are typical of any surgery. Specifically, even if sporadic, the infection and the hardening of the prosthesis (contracture), are two phenomena that can occur. Before any intervention, the surgeon must always inform the patient of all possible risks related to the operation. The advantages are those of having a beautiful, apparently natural breasts with minimal and not very visible scars.

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By Dott. Gaetano Vaudo
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Gaetano Vaudo specializes in Plastic Surgery and also has considerable experience in Aesthetic Medicine. He currently works as a freelance professional as an Aesthetic Physician in Rome. It deals mainly with facial rejuvenation through the use of fillers, botulinum toxin, suspension threads, laser peeling and regenerative medicine. Expert in the use of new methods of facial rejuvenation, techniques refined during the years of specialization in the city of Buenos Aires, Dr. Vaudo is the author of scientific publications and presentations at conferences as a speaker and moderator in Italy and abroad . He has attended numerous national and international training courses and is a member of prestigious Italian scientific associations of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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