Single port, gynecological new technique to intervene with minimal incision

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During recent years there has been an enormous advance in gynecological surgery thanks to the introduction of techniques laparoscopic surgery and hysteroscopic. Both types of company have allowed providing solution to a good number of pathologies through less invasive procedures and allow better postoperative recovery thanks to, among other things, a minimize abdominal scars.

Of all the advances there one of the recent variants of laparoscopic procedures, the so-called“ single port” which is really outstanding. By this technique a small incision is made in the navel and all instruments necessary to perform the planned surgery is introduced.

The use of this technique, in contrast to what happens in conventional laparoscopic surgery, is prevent the realization of other auxiliary incisions. That is, at the end of the intervention will be no a single incision in the skin about two inches that, moreover, remain virtually hidden inside the belly button, so result aesthetic is usually excellent.

Working with single port

Although I must point out that not all interventions can be performed by the technique single port, if it is true that an increasing number of procedures that are incorporated into this new is greater variant of laparoscopic surgery. Therefore, we can say that their applications today are in the growth phase. It is hoped that the introduction of new equipment allows us to expand even more the number of processes that can be performed using this surgical procedure a single orifice, small size, technically known as single port.

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