Ultrasonic liposuction: how to remodel your body!

Written by: Dott. Gaetano Vaudo
Edited by: Antonietta Rizzotti

Liposuction is the new frontier of plastic surgery. Through the use of ultrasound it is possible to suck and crush the accumulations of body fat. Dr. Gaetano Vaudo, an expert in Plastic Surgery in Rome, talks about it

What is ultrasonic liposuction?
Ultrasonic liposuction or ultrasonic liposculpture is a method that allows the body to be reshaped, to reduce excess fat, adiposity and cellulite deposits, which are widespread and localized in certain areas of the body (hips, thighs, neck, abdomen and back).

The techniques used are mainly two:

Traditional liposuction: used for the removal of small adipose accumulations
Ultrasonic liposuction: used if the fat to be sucked is very represented
Why is ultrasonic liposuction used?
Ultrasonic liposuction has considerable advantages compared to traditional liposuction:

Pain, swelling and post-operative bruises are very low, resulting in faster functional recovery;
The treated areas appear rapidly homogeneous and tonic;
It is possible to suck up a large quantity of fat in a short time and with the least loss of blood;
Medical and aesthetic complications are greatly reduced.
Are there any age limits?
There are no age limits. You can undergo ultrasonic liposuction after 18 years.

How is the technique performed?
The treatment of ultrasonic liposculpture is carried out under general anesthesia or in deep sedation, only in exceptional cases local anesthesia is used. Through a sophisticated device a cannula is introduced in the part to be treated, which has the power to crush the fat with the aid of ultrasound, these have the function to dissolve and suck the fat simultaneously without special trauma to the body (the ultrasound act mainly on the fat respecting the surrounding structures).

What indications should be followed before and after the operation?
Before undergoing treatment, the surgeon will have to make a first visit to evaluate:

Patient health (pressure or problems with coagulation and scarring);
The quantity and location of the adiposity present;
How elastic is your skin.
In addition, the patient will receive specific instructions regarding food, alcohol intake, cigarette smoking and the type of drugs to be taken.

What are the recovery times?
Healing occurs gradually and progressively. The patient will have to wear a sheath for at least three weeks and will have to rest in the 48 following the operation. You can have a normal life from the third day but you will still have to avoid strenuous and stressful activities. Around the second or third week the swelling will disappear and gradually it will be possible to resume normal activities, including sports.

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By Dott. Gaetano Vaudo
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Gaetano Vaudo specializes in Plastic Surgery and also has considerable experience in Aesthetic Medicine. He currently works as a freelance professional as an Aesthetic Physician in Rome. It deals mainly with facial rejuvenation through the use of fillers, botulinum toxin, suspension threads, laser peeling and regenerative medicine. Expert in the use of new methods of facial rejuvenation, techniques refined during the years of specialization in the city of Buenos Aires, Dr. Vaudo is the author of scientific publications and presentations at conferences as a speaker and moderator in Italy and abroad . He has attended numerous national and international training courses and is a member of prestigious Italian scientific associations of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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