Neogenic is a treatment that allows shortening the time between hair loss and the output of a new one of the same follicle

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In his usual practice,¿types are the most frequent hair fall ?¿They manifest differently in men and women


A dermatologists we usually consult for scents that are sometimes associated with certain periods, so it is popularly called the era of chestnuts or similar names. Androgenic alopecia, both male and female, tend to be the workhorse in the office of dermatologist. This does not rule out other more complex processes such as alopecia areata or scarring alopecia also may be reason for consultation.

¿important is the hair for men and women


The hair is of great importance in the appreciation of our image both male and females. For women, obviously living without hair or short hair live with conflict because in general women tend to have hirsutism while for the male is more normal to have a ticket or develop a crown. But without doubt that one can give the impression that this will get older or does not give you the image you need, both in the workplace and in the social world, where we need to have confidence in ourselves and see ourselves with hair gives us the feeling of greater and greater impact youth today in our person.

¿Why we like hair


The hair on different parts of the body has a length in its different life. The hair of the scalp area has a life of between 4 and 6 years. The initial phase of this life occupies 80% and corresponds to the period of anagen, which is thick and beautiful hair that we normally see in people. While the catagen and telogen, which occupy the remaining 20 % of the life of hair, and is presented as a hair under attempt to fall. Hair health is based on respect for these rhythms, we need a way of life for 80 % of anagen to talk about healthy hair, when this decompensation is when we noticed these effluvia, the hair is left on the hand ease and we went to see a dermatologist to do.

¿What kind of treatments are


There pharmacological treatments, basically when there are disruptions in the normal evolution of Cycle. There cosmetic treatments for those hairs damaged by weather or other reasons and there are surgical treatments when there is no solution because it has lost and must be replenished hair follicle in the area where limitation.

¿That is the latest in cosmetic treatments for topical use on the market


The latest in hair treatment is topical use Neogenic. Neogenic makes the period between hair loss and the release of a new hair from the same follicle, ie decrease when the hair falls sometimes time is extended, called latency time, until it leaves the new hair and Neogenic shorten this period of time and therefore we are showing healthily all the hair we have, active and growing.

¿That includes assets to perform this action


The active Stemoxydine Neogenic is 5%. This product mimics the stem cells of the hair follicle causing hypoxia that helps the growth of new hair in anagen. Thus we shorten the latency period that is mentioned above.

¿This clinically proven effective


their effectiveness is demonstrated through three statistically significant clinical studies. It is capable of producing 1700 hair growth over a period of 3 months.

¿, In which cases is indicated Neogenic patients and which do not


In patients with a lack of capillary density as can be in the effluvium or androgenic alopecia. While it would be not indicated in patients with scarring alopecia, autoimmune alopecia or alopecia with such that no appropriate treatment.

We would like to know your experience with Neogenic¿, has been shown effective results in their patients Neogenic ?¿That results observed


I have found effective in my patients Neogenic through the information especially at 3 months of starting treatment. This is done by direct observation or unification Dermatoscopy observing how to grow and increase in stem thickness of the hairs that were depleted. Also I like to know this opinion through my patients without inducing, ie asking them looking them this treatment, and the degree of satisfaction in my patients is very high with Neogenic.

¿You can combine the use of minoxidil, finasteride or a topical hair loss treatment Neogenic ?¿That way


Of course you can combine, we are looking for the optimization of treatment, so if we join forces get better effects. Minoxidil is applicable alternating with Neogenic or also together while applying the two products, as well as can supply on the one hand and finasteride Neogenic applied topically.

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