New perspectives in ligamentous injuries of the knee meniscus

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The injuries to the meniscus and ligaments are now treated with innovative techniques. There speaks our expert in orthopedics and traumatology

What are the most frequent injuries?

The knee sprains are common injuries in patients who practice sports. Until a few years ago this concept was referring to young people, but currently most affected are not only athletes. In fact, injuries to the knee ligaments may occur from pediatric to the elderly. The most frequent injuries to the ligaments are those of the internal lateral ligament and anterior cruciate, either alone or with possible injury to the menisci.

In addition, these injuries can be combined, for example an anterior cruciate ligament injury can be isolated or one of the internal lateral ligament injury can affect the meniscus inside, outside or both, known as triads.

What are the treatments for these injuries?

The lesion of the internal lateral ligament is always treated surgically. relative immobilization allows to start a comprehensive rehabilitation. It is also possible to accelerate this biological healing process quickly and safely.

The lesions of the anterior cruciate ligament, in the case in which the patient is young, usually are treated surgically through an arthroscopic replacement of the torn ligament with a prosthesis .

Many are the steps forward for the care of the femur, seen that starting from the knee can implant the prosthesis in a horizontal position and with better control of the front lassitude, all this with the help of new fastening systems both at femoral level and at tibial level that allows to reduce the rehabilitation time.

What are the strides made to treat injuries to the meniscus?

Meniscus lesion can affect both the internal and the external meniscus and can be divided between traumatic and degenerative lesions. Traumatic injuries are generally consistent with younger patients and those degenerative aging indicate the beginning of the knee.

The lesions of the meniscus exterior are generally worse than those inside because of the tibial surface.

It is essential to prevent possible injuries of the meniscus, trying to suture any possible injuries in young people and in case of seniority is required to perform minimally invasive menisectomie so as to protect the most of the joints.

In this field there are important advances as new materials allow the longitudinal suture injury. Also new methods such as radial tears are becoming particularly effective for treating lesions of the outer meniscus in young patients. These injuries sometimes give a lot of difficulties because they are hardly cicatrizzabili.

The combination of technical advances made sure to make great strides in regenerative therapy of tissues with which you can achieve the best and reliable results.

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