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The Obesity can be considered a universal epidemic and is an important public health problem, especially in developed countries. It is a chronic disease characterized by excessive accumulation of body fat, which predisposes to important diseases like diabetes disease cardio - vascular or even some tumors. The most important thing is to become aware of the disease and seek help in specialized units to find the most effective therapeutic alternative. The obese patient requires a comprehensive approach undertaken by a multidisciplinary team in order to ensure the best results, not only in weight loss but also in the study and treatment of disorders that can contribute to obesity and complications from it.

The basic treatment of obesity is to change lifestyle, including changes in eating habits and increased physical activity. In addition, the psychological support is a medical treatment support facilitating the acquisition of correct eating habits and improving adherence to treatment. Approach a balance between physical health and mental health, our quality of life benefits.

In those obese patients who have been demonstrated repeated failure of conventional treatments, and the absence of contraindications, should assess the surgical treatment. The Laparoscopic surgery ( no open surgery ) simplifies the postoperative course and reduce hospitalization. Although the techniques that offer better long-term results, with minimal post- operative complications and metabolic patient implantation is a Adjustable Gastric Band around the stomach and Gastric Bypass.

The only long-term solution curative for patients with severe or morbid obesity is the obesity surgery bariatric surgery. It is estimated that patients with morbid obesity taking place live, on average, more than 12 years for patients with morbid obesity that are not operated. In addition, significantly improves surgery complications associated with obesity. Hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart and coronary disease, sleep apnea

These techniques are complemented by a program run by the endocrinologist, in which the patient holds weekly visits with the dietitian to design a diet to suit and attends group therapy sessions to facilitate modified their habits erroneous life in order to achieve the objectives set weight loss.

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