Depression or sadness

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Often people enter a period of his life in that circumstances, which in most cases are quite foreign to them, they start to feel fragile adversity before or at the fact they need to overcome.

When you are at those certain emotional situations, often“saltarseles” tears easily. These manifestations clinically called&ldquo,&rdquo emotional lability;usually correspond to the beginning of a reactive depression. The importance of early detection, avoid larger subsequent treatments, as well as avoid the suffering that entails.

Are not exempt from suffering any of the stages of life of the human being, existence involves changes and adversities clashes that can alter our normal way of being. & iquest;many times have we seen teenagers sad and decayed, not wanting to get out of bed and not enjoying your own youth ?¿, have many times seen as a person who has worked all his life in an active and happy and to work pressures and job losses, beginning with depressive symptoms and eventually just developed a real depression ? Affective lost bereavement, divorce and emotional loneliness, are not exempt from the same approach.

All these depressions considered reactive origin with a cognitive-behavioral treatment and psychological orientation patterns, often have successful results and, only occasionally, and by appropriate Psychodiagnosis, we will require the medication as an accompanist of psychological treatment.

Depressions“biological&rdquo ;, major depression or bipolar disorder, always will require the pharmacology, but in this case psychological treatment techniques will require cognitive - Psicopedagogico type, maintaining continuous psychologist - patient-family - psychiatrist interrelation and our experience, palpable recognizable improvement for both the patient and the family are obtained.

Therefore, is always recommended parallel processing. In our clinical experience of over twenty years, we have seen the evolution of these patients as their adaptation and integration into the labor and emotional life has been resolved favorably as you advance in the treatment.

Aaron T. Beck, medical psychiatrist USA, and in the decade of the 80s, conducted investigations in which it was shown that psychopharmacological treatments in depressed patients performed together or in parallel with psychological therapy, performed better, even enhancing the effects of medication. From these investigations, cognitive-behavioral psychological treatments were integrated into the support services of depressive patients.

Therefore, there is no doubt, order psychological support on dips is recommended and before the first symptoms do not doubt to ask for professional advice.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
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By Redacción de Topdoctors

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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