TAC and children: meets the Radiologist

Written by: Dott.ssa Beatrice Tagliaferri
Published: | Updated: 16/08/2019
Edited by: Marta Buonomano

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Dott.ssa Beatrice Tagliaferri

By Dott.ssa Beatrice Tagliaferri

Dr. Beatrice Tagliaferri specializes in Radiology.


During his career he was also in charge of Diagnostic Imaging for lung diseases in infants and children, as well as well as in the adult respiratory disease with HRCT evaluation. Another of his major field of interest is the study of the urinary tract with 3D reconstructions and the study of fortresses and mastoid in high resolution.


Expert in pediatric radiology, spiral CT and multislice CT, is constantly updated including as regards the use of the most advanced instrumentation.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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