Treatment of breast cancer

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Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that involves the breast. Initially, the tumor is localized in the mammary area, and usually follows its growth, the ability to expand and involve armpit ganglia. If not treated promptly and adequately, breast cancer can also lead to the appearance of metastases. Our expert in General Surgery illuminates the warning signals and tools that can diagnose the disease in time

The incidence of breast cancer is very high; among women, breast cancer is the second most frequent, preceded by skin cancer, and is the leading cause of death in women between 50 and 60 years. In general, the incidence is approximately 10-12%, this means that 1 in 10 women may develop breast cancer.


What are the warning signs that may indicate the presence of breast cancer?

The signal to warn us corresponds to the appearance of a lymph node on his chest. If they appear this type of lymph nodes must consult a specialist because they can be directly linked to breast cancer, particularly if the lymph nodes are painless, they are recent and produce a change in the skin forms. It may happen that the nipple can retract inside: this, for example, is an alarm signal. The majority of breast cancers are diagnosed by screening, making prevention, by means of mammography , ultrasound or annual physical examination in order to diagnose small early stage tumors that have a high probability of cure.


After finishing your treatment, how much time must pass so that the breast cancer can be called 'defeated'?

During the treatment of breast cancer involved different professionals: the surgeon for the removal of the primary tumor and the ganglia, the radioterapeuta in case of radiotherapy and oncology, which indicate a hormonal treatment, chemotherapy or monoclonal antibodies. In general, the treatment takes 8-10 months from the time of diagnosis of breast cancer, and up to 5 years if the therapy is hormonal. As a result, starting from the fifth year you can say that the patient is cured, although there are still possibilities of cancer recurrence (10 to 20 years from the initial diagnosis).

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