LCO - Le Cliniche Odontoiatriche

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What makes this dental clinic first class

All LCO Clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, which allow any kind of dental care to be carried out with maximum respect for patient comfort and safety.

All LCO Clinics include several areas: a public area including reception and waiting rooms; an operative area, which includes the studios equipped with dental chairs, the operating room, an environment dedicated to radiology and the offices of professionals; a technical area, where to complete the sterilization process and the touch-ups on the dental products; an office area for secretarial, archive and accounting; a training room for the continuous updating of professionals.

The Doctor-Patient relationship is at the basis of the ethics of the LCO dental clinics: during the entire course of treatment, the patient can count on the balance the bond that is formed with the Doctor of trust.

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