Centro Medico Pneumologico Torino

Via Amerigo Vespucci, 61 (Torino, Torino)

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The patient with breathing problems need ready access to the surgery of the respiratory physician, a diagnosis of the disease made in the shortest time possible and facilitated a follow-up to evaluate the progression of respiratory disorders with therapy. The CMPT meets all these demands. Diagnose respiratory diseases is sometimes a complex process because of the difficulty to recognize the disease and / or the need for additional investigations for the purpose. The CMPT is directed by Prof. Riccardo Pellegrino, internationally recognized authority in the field of respiratory diseases known for his studies of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the pulmonary function test, which is one of the main authors of the guidelines of the World 2005, and with a long clinical experience and pathophysiological breathing in Italy and the USA. With him are two young doctors, Dr. Giulia Pellegrino and dr. Francesco Sferrazza Pope, and an expert physical therapist in rehabilitation / respiratory physiotherapy treatment, dr. Gian Giacomo Pellegrino. Most diagnoses are made using lung function tests, the CMPT is equipped with the most complete and modern spirometry equipment so that in most cases the diagnosis is made even already at the first specialist visit on the basis of test results spirometry. No other private or public center is able to offer a service so fast, comprehensive and high-level. In addition, the CMPT operates within the Pinna Pintor Clinic in Turin, with the ability to complete the diagnosis as soon as possible if necessary with the most modern techniques of radiology of the chest and laboratory tests.

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