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Centro Oftalmo-Chirurgico Carones

Via Pietro Mascagni, 20 (Milano, Milano)

Centre specialised in:

  • Eye Microsurgery
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology

What makes this centre first class?

The ophthalmic-Surgical Center Carones is suitable for anyone looking for customized solutions to defects of view, that range from diagnosis to surgery. The center holds a reference position for Ophthalmology in Milan, particularly as regards the Refractive Surgery, Presbyopia and Cataract Surgery. The Center leverages the innovations in technology, such as lasers and specific diagnostic equipment and safe, to offer the best service and the most satisfactory results to the patient. In addition, there is also a First Aid service Oculistico, to be exploited in the event of a sudden loss of vision, pain or redness. The team includes Dr. Francesco Carones and Dr. Luca Vigo, experts in the use of lasers, whose activity is known to international levels.

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 Top Doctors of the centre


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