Rosacea and spider veins

The blotches (telangiectasia of the face) is the dilation of the small veins of the face that may have ramifications, causing unsightly skin. It usually appears in white women or thin skin, especially in those with sensitive skin, prone to redness. Its appearance occurs mainly in cheekbones and nostrils, drawn shaped purple or rojizos.El best treatment for these injuries is vascular laser, very reliable and highly effective. Generally, to carry out this treatment using local anesthesia is required, to reduce pain as well as the application of cold in the area to avoid damaging the skin. This technique is basically the application of laser light on the treatment area, which penetrates the skin without damaging it. The effect of the heat of the laser reaches the vein to be treated, causing blood clotting and closure. Thus, the gradual removal of vascular lesions treated achieved.

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