Trastorno del lenguaje

The voice disorders are disorders in the emission of sounds that depend on the larynx ( where the vocal cords) and affecting its pitch, timbre, intensity or duration. The origin of such changes can be organic, physiological, psychological or environmental. In addition, there are two types of disorders: dysphonia and aphonia. The afonia is the total loss of voice temporarily or chronic and can be caused by overuse of the vocal cords, respiratory disease, intake of toxic or irritating products, excessive cold or nervous causes, usually. Treatment may include resting the voice, drug delivery, voice therapy or, in severe cases, surgery. For its part, the dysphonia is a disorder of bell or voice intensity due to an injury in the organs of phonation ( organic ) or poor use of the voice (functional ). The most common causes of this condition are overly strain your voice ( voice hyperfunction ), grastroesofagico reflux, smoking, infections such as laryngitis or tuberculosis, neurological disorders of the larynx or tumors, or trauma, among others. The treatment involves learning relaxation techniques and breathing, exercise the muscles of the shoulders, neck and face and speech therapy follow impost.

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