Dott. Giovanni Cobellis

Pediatric Surgeon in

Dott. Giovanni Cobellis areas of expertise:

Professional statement

Prof. Giovanni Cobellis is an expert in Pediatrics in Ancona.
He graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1991 and specialized in Pediatric Surgery in 1996 at the Federico II University of Naples. In 2000 he also earned the title of PhD in Pediatric Gastroendocrinology at the University of Parma. Since 1998 he still holds the position of Medical Director at the Pediatric Surgery Unit at the Salesi Hospital of Ancona. During his career he performed over 2365 laparoscopy , thoracoscopy and retroperitoneoscopy interventions with minimally invasive techniques as the first operator. Since 1992 he has been Professor of various at the Universities of Naples, the University of Ancona, the University of Bologna and the University of Parma.

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Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

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