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Prof. Hassan Zmerly

Orthopaedic surgeon (1)

Cartilage, Osteoarthritis, Meniscus , Knee prosthesis , Hip Prosthesis , Shoulder surgery


Dott. Maurizio Fontana

Orthopaedic surgeon (10)

Hand nerves surgery, Shoulder Prosthesis , Hip Prosthesis , Knee prosthesis , Femoroacetabular Impingement, Minimally Invasive Surgery


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Dott. Davide Corrado Vaccarisi

Orthopaedic surgeon (14)

Knee arthroscopy, Shoulder Arthroscopy, Hip Prosthesis , Knee prosthesis , Spinal surgery , Percutaneous foot surgery


Dott. Federico Trentani

Orthopaedic surgeon (2)

Minimally Invasive Surgery, Hip Prosthesis , Knee prosthesis , Phisical injuries, Sport surgery, Regenerative Medicine


Dott. Marco Esposito

Orthopaedic surgeon (12)

Arthroscopy , Hand nerves surgery, Sport surgery, wrist fracture, Rizoartrosi, Scaphoids


Dott. Massimo Santangelo

Orthopaedic surgeon (8)

Hip Prosthesis , Knee prosthesis , Shoulder Prosthesis , Hand nerves surgery, Percutaneous foot surgery, Arthroscopy


Dott. Pietro Bungaro

Orthopaedic surgeon (9)

Rotator cuff, Shoulder Prosthesis , Arthroscopy , Osteoarthritis, Replacement of prostheses, Hip Prosthesis


Prof. Leo Massari

Orthopaedic surgeon

Spinal surgery , Hip Prosthesis , Foot, Back Pain, Phisical injuries, Robotic Surgery


Dott. Mirco Pietri

Orthopaedic surgeon (3)

Sport Orthopaedic, Regenerative Medicine , Hip Prosthesis , Knee prosthesis , Percutaneous foot surgery, Hip osteoarthritis


Prof. Nicola Mondanelli

Orthopaedic surgeon

Hip, Knee, Arthroscopy , Hip Prosthesis , Knee prosthesis , Knee fracture


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