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Prof. Gian Gaetano Ferri

Otolaryngologist (33)

Pediatric otolaryngology, Tonsillitis , Ear neuroma, Tinnitus , Vertigo , Deafness


Dott. Giovanni Sorrenti

Otolaryngologist (50)

Obstructive sleep apnea , Snoring and apnea , Septoplasty, Sinusitis , Turbinate hypertrophy, Pediatric otolaryngology


Dott. Giuseppe Scaramuzzino

Otolaryngologist (15)

Snoring and apnea , Endoscopic Surgery , Vocal cord polyps , Salivary glands, Thyroid , Obstructive sleep apnea


Prof. Umberto Caliceti

Otolaryngologist (18)

Oncological surgery, Thyroid Surgery, Salivary glands, Tumours of the head and neck, Pharyngitis , Difficult Swallowing (Dysphagia)


Dott. Vittorio Sciarretta

Otolaryngologist (10)

Endoscopic Surgery , Nasal polyposis , Nasal endoscopy , Rhinitis , Sinusitis , Septoplasty


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Prof. Vincenzo Vincenti

Otolaryngologist (1)

Hearing loss , Vertigo , Pediatric otolaryngology, Obstructive sleep apnea , Otitis , Otosclerosis


Dott.ssa Manela Scaramuzzino

Otolaryngologist (3)

Pediatric otolaryngology, Tinnitus , Hearing loss , Mumps, Disorders of nasal breathing, Equilibrium problems


Prof. Stefano Sellari Franceschini

Otolaryngologist (13)

Otitis , Tympanoplasty, Sinusitis , Septoplasty, Salivary glands, exophthalmos


Dott. Giancarlo Cassani


Dysphonia , Tinnitus , Audiometry , Tumours of the head and neck, Catheterization of eustachian tube , Disorders of nasal breathing


Prof. Marco Benazzo

Otolaryngologist (20)

Obstructive sleep apnea , Tumours of the head and neck, Laser Surgery , Thyroid , Salivary glands, Voice evaluation


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