Personalized advice service to choose the best physician for your needs

If you are using Top Doctors to look for a physician you will always do the best whoever you choose. But you may also require a more personalised advice service. In some medical specialities, the search tool will suggest two or three first-class doctors, all of them excellent. If you do not know which you should opt for, ask us. We will review your case and help you choose the most suitable specialist from among the best.

This is how our personal advice service works:

El especialista al que acudiría su médico
1. Tell us about your case
Our Medical Committee will suggest to the doctor, hospital or medical center most appropriate for your personal needs.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico
2. We will make your appointment online
If you would like, we can arrange your appointment.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico
3. And if you need to move to another city?
We will find you the most comfortable and convenient accommodation.


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