Cómo lidiar con una cirugía endoscópica nasal

Escrito por: Prof. Giorgio Bandiera
Editado por: Giulia Boccoli

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Por Prof. Giorgio Bandiera

Prof. Giorgio Bandiera is a specialist in Otolaryngology.

It mainly deals with the treatment of diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses such as sinusitis, nasal polyps, vocal cord nodules, salivary glands and tearing of the eyes.

Aggregate Professor of the II Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University "La Sapienza" and Head of the Operative Unit of Endoscopic Rinosinusale Surgery of the University Hospital of Sant'Andrea in Rome, he also deals with snoring, sleep apnea, chronic pathologies of the vocal cords and settoplastiche.
He perfected his training in Otolaryngology, also obtaining the Specialization in Phoniatrics, a Diploma in Child Audiology and attending prestigious clinics in Europe and the USA.

In addition, Prof. Bandiera is the author of numerous scientific works concerning different sectors of Otolaryngology, published in national and international journals, and he edited several chapters of the "Manual of Otolaryngology".

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