Evite el efecto yo-yo: alternativas a las dietas de última hora

Escrito por: Dott.ssa Cinzia Salani
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Por Dott.ssa Cinzia Salani

Dr. Cinzia Salani is a specialist in Food Science.
It deals mainly with obesity, metabolic diseases, renal failure, neuro degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, malnutrition and eating behavioral disorders in adults and the developmental age (years 6-14). His professional training includes the constant participation in refresher courses and an experience of over 24 years with the Public Health Service as a Medical Director at the Internal Medicine and Rehabilitative Medicine Unit, of which 11 years as Head of the Dietology and Clinical Nutrition of the ASL 3 Genovese with hospital and territorial skills. Component of Technical Commissions for Hospital Supplies and Commissions for School and Hospital Rehabilitation Services, Dr. Salani represented the Genovese Local Health Authority 3 within numerous regional scientific groups. He also carried out a project to prevent childhood obesity by coordinating for 13 years a multi-professional and multisectoral team that obtained the National Prize "Good practice to gain health" in Rome in 2009 by the CCM, Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Policies.

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