Medicina Regenerativa: nuevas fronteras para el cuidado de las articulaciones

Escrito por: Dott. Fabio Valerio Sciarretta
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Por Dott. Fabio Valerio Sciarretta

Dr. Fabio Valerio Sciarretta, an expert in orthopedics and orthopedic surgery, specializes in knee surgery, arthroscopy and cartilage surgery. He currently works as a freelancer in some of the most renowned private clinics in Rome. She has followed numerous internships abroad and refresher courses on regenerative medicine, on synthetic cartilage substitutes and on surgical techniques for cartilage reconstruction. Dr. Sciarretta is considered one of the world experts in the use of mesenchymal cells from bone marrow and adipose tissue for cartilage regeneration. He has published over 60 scientific articles and edited the Italian edition of numerous publications in English; he was also invited to present his work as a speaker at more than 140 international conferences and conferences.

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