Tratamiento protésico de tobillo: ¿cuándo es necesario?

Escrito por: Dott. Daniele Marcolli
Editado por: Gloria Conalbi

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Por Dott. Daniele Marcolli

From January 2019 he collaborates with the Columbus Clinic Center in Milan as a freelancer. At this institute he performs forefoot, midfoot, hind foot and ankle surgery, including prosthetic tarsal prosthesis.

Since 2013 he is the referent of foot and ankle surgery at ASST Ovest Milanese, a garrison of Legnano and Cuggiono. So far it has performed about 2500 foot and ankle surgery, with particular interest in ankle prosthetic surgery, rear foot deformities (flat and hollow foot), cartilage lesions of the ankle, ligament reconstructions in ankle instability, as well as most common problems related to this bodily district, such as bunion.

He attended as a visiting fellow the Klinik fùr Fusse-und Sprunggelenkschirurgie Krankenhaus Rummelsberg - Schwarzenbruck (Germany) directed by Prof. Dr. Med. Martinus Richter, internationally renowned foot and ankle surgeon.

He actively participates in the Italian ankle and foot society (SICP), of which he is currently a member of the board of directors.

He has followed and still directly follows various professional and semi-professional sports companies as an orthopedic consultant.

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