Cáncer de mama: radioterapia intraoperatoria con electrones (ELIOT). Experiencia en el Instituto Europeo de Oncología

Escrito por: Dott. Mattia Intra
Editado por: Antonietta Rizzotti

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Por Dott. Mattia Intra
Cirugía general

Dr. Mattia Intra, specialized in General Surgery, began his career as a breast specialist at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan in 1996 with Prof Umberto Veronesi.

First operator in more than 5,000 operations, his main area of activity is breast surgery for the treatment of breast cancer. He is an expert in conservative and radioguided surgery (ROLL), preservative mastectomies of the areola and nipple, sentinel node biopsies, intra-operative radiotherapy and preventive procedures for women with high genetic risk. It also deals with the treatment of breast cancer in humans and in special situations, such as advanced tumors, pregnant tumors and tumors in very young women.

He is currently Director of the Senological Day Surgery Unit of the European Institute of Oncology in Milan and Professor at the universities of Barcelona, Madrid and Mexico City. His research activity translates into a conspicuous scientific production, which includes numerous articles and book chapters. He is also the Head of the "Guidelines for Breast Cancers" of the Lombardy Oncological Network.

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