¿Por qué ocurren tantas lesiones cruzadas cruzadas cada año?

Escrito por: Dott. Roberto Pozzoni
Editado por: Antonietta Rizzotti

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Por Dott. Roberto Pozzoni

Dr. Roberto Pozzoni, after specializing in Orthopedics and Traumatology, has dedicated himself in particular to the world of sport, working as a doctor for the FISI (Italian Winter Sports Federation), the FISG (Italian Ice Sports Federation), for the youth sector of Inter and for the national rugby team.

Today, he is an orthopedic consultant for AC Milan. After his experience as a doctor specializing at the Sports Traumatology Center of the G. Pini Institute in Milan, he practiced as a Level I Medical Director at the San Paolo Hospital, the Caduti Bollatesi Hospital (Bollate, Milan) and all 'Luigi Sacco Hospital, then landed as an Assistant at the Sports Traumatology Center of the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute.

His training was completed with the attendance of important clinics abroad. His main fields of interest concern surgery, both traditional and minimally invasive, of different joints: shoulder, hip, knee and ankle.

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